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The Adam Trading System

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The Adam Trading System

The Adam Trading System is a mechanical system that provides an entry when a trend is recognized by the system. Once entry is made, then the Delta Plus stop system follows the trend. As stated in the brochure, this system is reserved for the 12 markets (plus the S&P) that have exhibited the best trending characteristics over the years. However, since the brochure went out, I have made three changes in the commodities that The Adam Theory System trades. I have added Gold and Silver because I believe both of these markets will explode to the upside in 2005. I have deleted Heating Oil because we have included Crude Oil and Natural Gas. Including Heating Oil would make it too heavily weighted in the energies group. Thus, we end up with 13 markets plus the S&P.

Beware that most of these 14 markets are exclusive markets. That means it requires a lot of capital to trade them. Natural Gas and Coffee for example, can make daily movements of several thousand dollars. J- Yen, T -Bonds and Crude Oil are not far behind. I would suggest that you trade commodities like Corn, Copper, C-Dollar and Soybeans in the Adam Trading System until you have a "feel" for the system. Then trade the high rollers based on experience.

The numbers and commodities are:

1. Canadian Dollar
2. Lumber
3. Copper
4. Soybeans
5. Corn
6. T-Notes
7. Crude Oil
8. T-Bonds
9. Japanese Yen
10. Natural Gas
11. Coffee
12. S&P 500
13. Silver
14. Gold