Delta Society Directorship


The Delta Society also offers a Directorship, which is a lifetime membership. We ask for no monthly fees to cover the cost for the newsletters, technical support, or software upgrades for Delta Graphics software. Directorship has a one time fee of $10,000.  (Special offers for Directorships are made from time to time.  Call or email the Delta Society office for more information.)

If a current member upgrades to Directorship, the initial membership fee of $1600 is deducted from the $10,000.

With Directorship we also provide the 4 day intraday time frame. Our intraday Delta Graphics software displays these points on 5 minute charts. The solutions were solved on 15 minute bar charts for the Indexes, Bonds, Currencies, Metals, Energies, Softs, Meats and Grains.




To become a Director, an application is filled out and submitted to the Delta Society office. An application can be obtained by calling our office (336) 698-0500.

Delta Turning Point Solutions / Membership