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The DELTA Phenomenon
or The Hidden Order in All Markets

The DELTA Phenomenon, is the basis of all market movement relative to time. All other methods of technical analysis are enhanced by this timing tool. If you haven't already, read The DELTA Story to understand what this book contains. More...

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The Wisdom of the Ages for Acquiring Wealth

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The Wisdom of the Ages
for Acquiring Wealth

Price: $17.50

By Welles Wilder®

A handbook-sized hardback, written in a casual conversational style to bring one through the process of discovering the basic thinking of the wealthy and wise.

"The only difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich know how to acquire wealth. Therefore, anyone who knows how can become wealthy." And this extraordinary little book explains exactly how from one of the best-known traders in the world.


(1978) 142 pages, ncludes free shipping ($25.00 shipping fee to non-US addresses, fee charged at time of shipping)

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