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One Day at a Time | Delta Society

One Day at a Time

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One Day at a Time

Price: $295.00

Delta Timing Software

One Day at a Time Software takes the systems detailed in the book New Concepts in Technical Trading Systems and other commonly used studies. The software is for end of day traders and uses most common data types.

ScreenshotOur latest improvements include Fibonacci Studies:  Fibonacci Time, Fibonacci Time Extension, Fibonacci Alternate Time Projection, Fibonacci Price Retracement, Fibonacci Price Extension, Fibonacci Alternate Price Projection.  An Elliott Wave study was added that lets you draw the five waves. The software supports the book The Adam Theory of Markets by providing the Adam Projection.  This software does not provide the Delta Turning Points, but many use the software to solve for the Intermediate, Medium, and Long term solutions talked about in the book The Delta Phenomenon.


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Member Trading Systems Included!

The software One Day at a Time also includes a one-month free trial with the Member Trading Systems.

The Member Trading Systems (MTS) are technical approaches for trading the markets. The research and development was completed by Welles Wilder®. Mr. Wilder said, “I have been working on these systems for two years. I can tell you, without a doubt, this is the best work I have ever done since I wrote New Concepts.”

The MTS include the Trend Change Index, the Trend Change Index System, the Delta Plus System, the Adam Trading System and finally the Para Delta System. These systems take money out of trending markets. The Member Trading Systems do not include Delta timing, but if you filter the systems with Delta you will be more profitable. The systems work better with Delta and Delta works better when combined with technical systems.

The cost of the One Day at a Time software is $295. With the purchase of the program a one-month trial is given to run the Member Trading Systems. After the initial one-month trial there is a monthly fee of $59 per month to continue the use of the Member Trading Systems.