What Others Are Saying About Delta


"Recently, I received your Delta book. I read through it in one weekend and I must say I was truly amazed. It is truly a fascinating discovery and I appreciate that you made this book public. The Delta Phenomenon is truly revolutionary and both you and Jim Sloman deserve much credit for this discovery."
S.V., Westbury, CT

"Your clear and concise explanation is easy to follow particularly for someone like myself who has had little experience in the marketplace."
W.D., BC, Canada

"Just a note to let you know how thrilled I am with Delta. I paper traded for several months, then returned to the USA and actively traded since August. I am up about $35,000 (over 100%) since then. Thanks for everything."
D.K., Are CA

"As a newcomer to futures trading, I had made only three trades before buying The Delta Phenomenon and had lost money on all three! Since buying the book two months ago, I have turned my $5,000 account into $9,000 and am very confident about trading. I read the book from the beginning as you suggested and laughed out loud when the secret was revealed. I knew immediately that this was the natural order of the markets."
P.E., England

"I just got your DELTA book - and despite all my esoteric studies over the last 3 years, DELTA is NEW. You have definitely made a fantastic discovery. I just had to write to thank you. Your book on the DELTA Phenomenon is superb. Can I say more than the theory works! It certainly beats anything I have ever seen or heard of."
W.O., Reno, NV

"I would like to express to you my deepest appreciation for making DELTA available. I have traded markets for many years, and I learned that one must tread very lightly to survive. Still, I always had a feeling of uncertainty and insecurity in making decisions. Now, the mental strain is out of the trading process, and I am actually enjoying myself. Thank you again. I ask myself, can anyone who has had access to the DELTA information ever go back to trading markets without thinking, "I wonder what DELTA says now! In my 13 years of trading futures, DELTA is the best thing I have run across."
B.B., North Carolina

"This weekend I read your book in a couple of hours and thoroughly understood it. It is the best "reality testing" spine- tingling "novel" on financial matters I have ever had the privilege to read. You are both a gifted trader and writer."
M.D., Switzerland

"Your Delta Phenomenon is fantastic. I am convinced. And I want to take this opportunity to thank you for publishing The Delta Phenomenon. Your many months of effort will be appreciated by anyone who purchases your momentous work."
S.C., Arnolds Park, IA

"The claims sounded too fantastic not to be true. Being a nuclear engineer by training and a software programmer by vocation, I decided to investigate the DELTA theory by my own methods. It seemed to me that the best way to follow the theory was graphically, so I altered some pieces that I had written for some other commodity programs and came up with my own version of DELTA Graphics. The more commodities that I followed the more sure I became that DELTA is for real. DELTA is truly extraordinary!"
D.P., London, England

"...EVERYBODY has a system. How curious. Perhaps that is why I am so pleased with my purchase - it ISN'T a system! But it sure has changed my perception of the markets. I was able to find all the high and low points in the agricultural markets. You wrote that there was enough in the book for one to figure out for one's self - I appreciate that - I admire your honesty."
T.R., Missouri

Testimonial person"A few days ago, I received The Delta Phenomenon. Its reading has been a shock for me. It was so exciting that I could not leave the book before the last page. Your book has confirmed that the markets are driven by some forms of regular and basic rhythms. Now I understand the behaviour of the markets: correlation between and in markets, why indicators like oscillators, momentum, cycle studies, etc. sometimes work and sometimes don't. Thank Jim Sloman for this essential discovery and thank you for making it available to the trader."
E.N., Belgium

"It is hard to imagine someone reading the book, understanding it, and then thinking of trading without using its principles. The Delta concept makes you look at markets as being a part of a universally psychological rhythm. The fact that you have that direction bias working in your favor on different time scales radically changes the nature of trading."
G.W., North Carolina

"First, thank you very much for sending your very interesting book, The Delta Phenomenon. Your book has substance, a clear language, a nice outfit or in a few words, it is just great. Your book has given a new perspective to me..."
H.B., Switzerland

"I am very impressed with the format and presentation of Delta. At first, I am sure many would doubt the claims made by yourself regarding Delta. However, after a few days of intense study I can see the merits of Delta as it relates to my trading style. It serves as an excellent timing tool in my portfolio of trading strategies. I have scrapped my cycle tool for Bonds as Delta provides a much better window of opportunity. Daily (Delta) charts are interesting, but I have found weekly charts exciting..."
D.C., Chicago, IL

"I recently purchased The Delta Phenomenon (registration 7200935) and of course, I was completely fascinated. It clearly is an amazing discovery. I have done further research into Delta along with general phenomena of cycles. Delta is truly an amazing and powerful discovery. I greatly respect your contributions to the analysis and understanding of the commodity markets. Thanks again for your kind response."
J.S. Indianapolis, IN

"I am a student of the market and recognize the extra- ordinary when I see it, and you have found the "Holy Grail", you and Jim Sloman. My congratulations to you both."
C.B., Buffalo, NY

"I've just returned to the markets with a new view-point and now your revelations are icing on the cake. Your book entitled The Delta Phenomenon gives direction to markets - you learn to plan for market moves rather than react to them. Many thanks for tying a lot of loose ends together. After reading the book, very precise decisions are easy to make."
L.C., Escondido, CA

"As a full time trader, I am always interested in any new ideas that will increase my bottom line. The methodology is unique and the timing is so uncanny it's scary. Thanks for making such excellent material available to the public."
L.R., California

"Thanks so much for publishing The Delta Phenomenon and making it available to those of us who really wanted it. It's not often that one gets one of the most important secrets in the universe for $175. I called you last fall to tell you that I thought I had found the secret of Delta. Boy was I wrong! Once again, thanks to you and Jim Sloman."
G.R., Poland, ME

"WOW! Received your classic masterpiece, The Delta Phenomenon and all I can say (besides Wow!) is thanks a million - it enlightened me and expanded my dimensions of viewing the markets - now it makes me feel connected to the universe and for the first time I feel the ebb and flow of the markets..."
B.C., Roca Raton, FL

"The dictionary does not seem to contain the words that can adequately describe my feelings of awe at his discovery and my sense of gratitude to you for bringing that discovery to the notice of a range of people who could appreciate its value. I am obligated beyond words to you and Mr. Sloman. Though my earnings are not as dramatic as $1 million, I have managed to build my capital from $160,000 to roughly $300,000 since last August when I started using Delta. I ascribe 95% of that success to Delta and allow only 5% of my sweat as a commodity trader (since 1978) as the remaining factor."
C.W. Spring Valley, CA

"Welles, Pure Genius! Many thanks."
H.M., England